Soil Profiler (Alat Pengambil Sampel Tanah Permukaan)

Dengan cepat dan mudah mengambil sampel tanah untuk menganalisis struktur akar dan stratifikasi tanah.
30” Long sampler takes 7” deep x 4” wide x 1” thick undisturbed soil profile that can be replaced or dried and mounted for further reference. Simply raise instrument approximately one to two feet above turf and quickly drive it straight down, pushing with your foot until a desired depth of up to 7” is reached. Remove sampler, unscrew and remove top half of blade to observe soil sample. For added durability, bottom half of blade is welded to handle. To replace soil sample, hold hand over open face of cutter blade and insert sample back into turf, then lift blade straight up leaving sample. Stainless steel construction and non-slip grip handles.

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