Horizontal Mini Retroreflectometer Marka Jalan EASYLUX

This innovative Reflectometer is an up to four angle retroreflectometer designed to accurately measure the retroreflection RA of road signs, safety clothing and other materials. optical measurement system is the result of 10 years of lateral thinking and development by a dedicated engineering team.

Forget the big, bulky systems of the past, the patented Easylux Mini Reflectometer family offers unrivalled measurement accuracy, combined with a light, compact, easily transportable design.

The ultimate Reflectometer measurement system
Measures retroreflection only, or retroreflection and Qd in one Reflectometer device, no matter what the weather conditions. Runs on rechargeable AA batteries, with data stored on a removable SD card. Combine measurements with photos, log GPS information and share data via the unique Smartphone app.

Length 255 mm (without Qd)
Width 155 mm
Height 170 mm
Weight 2.1 kg (with battery)
Carrying case 470 x 380 x 240 mm

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