Mesin Penghapus Marka Jalan – Calmax Taiwan

Mesin marka jalan – Eraser YH-LE9

  • The design is light anda handly, still very stable during operation.
  • The mechanical design is very convenient for operation and control.
  • It is equipped with three sets of cutters. Its special vibration frequency and the rotation of the cutters insures quick anda easy removal of existing road lines.
  • Each cutter is made of specially handened steel, tremendously increasing its operating life.
  • The cutter can be easily removed anda replaced, saving on manpower anda time while clearly improving road line removal speed.


  • Total lenght 1.15mm
  • Total width 520mm
  • Total height 870mm
  • Weight 170kg
  • Engine 8.5HP – 270cc
  • Cutter 3pcs/set
  • Made in Taiwan

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