Mesin Marka Jalan Otomatis (Automatic Thermoplastic Road Marking)

1. Lagre capacity for long distance marking
2. Reliable hydraulic drive system
3. High efficiency Marking

Automatic thermoplastic road marking machine is fully automatic running thermoplastic marking machine. Large capacity thermoplastic paint tank and glass beads tank is special designed for long distance road marking project. Reliable hydraulic drive system and powerful engine can greatly improve the line marking efficiency.


Dimensi 4000*1910*2100mm
Berat 2 to 3 tons
Kapasitas Tank  Cat 200L
Marking Width 50mm to 300mm
Air Compressor Delivery Rate 0.45m³/min
Engine Power 28.6kw
Driving Speed 0 to 22km/h
Heating System Energy efficient burner
Insulation System Heat transfer oil and insulation cotton
Driving Syetem Hydraulic drive system

Made in China

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